Echolocation Building

Use the Echolocation Building to scan and gather special items and resources from areas.
Unlock Area: 108

Echolocation Building Tiers/Floors

Tier 0

Upgrade Level Cost Time Required Items Needed
1 0 8 Hours Radar Radar x 1
2 20 Crystals 3 Hours
3 30 Crystals 3 Hours
4 50 Crystals 3 Hours

Research Items

Name Creates Item Found Near Area Related Quest
Artifact Artifact Portal piece I Portal piece I 12 Remember the first tree you planted?
Artifact Artifact Antimatter Antimatter 24 No technology without insulation. Where is the greatest accumulation?
Artifact Artifact Antimatter III Antimatter III 39 Gold-fevered people treasured every nugget. Have you forgotten where you got your first one?
Artifact Artifact Portal piece II Portal piece II 47 Look near the place, where you met the cutest enemy.
Artifact Artifact Antimatter II Antimatter II 53 It was a coincidence that in this area the past met itself. Ancient Egypt and a trade portal took us there.
Sandship beacon Sandship beacon 60
Artifact Artifact Portal piece III Portal piece III 68 69,96.17,71 … Find a portal artifact near a segment where you can get oil and ruby.
Artifact Artifact The heart The heart 77 Send bots to find a portal artifact in the largest oil spot on the segment map.
Artifact Artifact Portal blueprint Portal blueprint 87 Everything will end where it began. Scan near the Cambrian door.
Artifact Artifact Minkowski's computer Minkowski's computer 99 Time to do some archaeological work near the segment where the first Helium 3 was found.
Nano ram Nano ram The portal The portal 108 Send bots to find portal artifact near the end of the hottest area ever.
Artifact Artifact Energy transducer Energy transducer 116 The one who did not want to leave. Find the area, where he could find a lot of his favorite food.