Title Type Sell Price
Accumulator Accumulator Crafted 9,000
Insulated Wire Insulated Wire Crafted 750
Amber insulation Amber insulation Crafted 125
Aluminium bottle Aluminium bottle Crafted 55
Green Laser Green Laser Crafted 400
Amber charger Amber charger Crafted 4
Lamp Lamp Crafted 760
Circuits Circuits Crafted 2,070
Battery Battery Crafted 200
Satellite Dish Satellite Dish Quest 0
Graphite Graphite Crafted 15
Copper Nail Copper Nail Crafted 7
Wire Wire Crafted 15
Silver Bar Silver Bar Crafted 200
Solar panel Solar panel Crafted 69,000
Motherboard Motherboard Crafted 17,000
Steel Plate Steel Plate Crafted 1,800
Titanium Bar Titanium Bar Crafted 3,000
Steel Bar Steel Bar Crafted 150
Iron bar Iron bar Crafted 40
Copper bar Copper bar Crafted 25
Trillium Trillium Raw 0
Saronite Saronite Raw 0
Thorium Thorium Raw 0
Moonstone Moonstone Raw 0
Mithril Mithril Unknown 14
Anaptanium Anaptanium Raw 0
Arcanite Arcanite Raw 0
Diamond Cutter Diamond Cutter Crafted 5,000
Bomb Bomb Crafted 55,500
Optic fiber Optic fiber Crafted 10,500
Tech inducer Tech inducer Quest 0
Portal Portal Quest 0
Antenna Antenna Quest 0
Propellers Propellers Quest 0
Jet Engine Jet Engine Quest 0
Fuselage Fuselage Quest 0
Tesla Coil Tesla Coil Quest 0
CPU Module CPU Module Quest 0
Screen Module Screen Module Quest 0
Input Module Input Module Quest 0
RAM Module RAM Module Quest 0
Amber Bracelet Amber Bracelet Crafted 280
Obsidian knife Obsidian knife Crafted 32,000
Compressor Compressor Crafted 44,000
Haircomb Haircomb Crafted 14,000
Emerald ring Emerald ring Crafted 450
Polished obsidian Polished obsidian Crafted 280
Polished Alexandrite Polished Alexandrite Crafted 270
Polished Amethyst Polished Amethyst Crafted 250
Polished Sapphire Polished Sapphire Crafted 230
Polished Topaz Polished Topaz Crafted 200
Polished Ruby Polished Ruby Crafted 250
Polished Diamond Polished Diamond Crafted 300
Polished emerald Polished emerald Crafted 160
Polished amber Polished amber Crafted 70
Gold bar Gold bar Crafted 250
Lab Flask Lab Flask Crafted 800
Aluminium Bar Aluminium Bar Crafted 50
Gear Gear Crafted 18,500
Maya Calendar Maya Calendar Crafted 6,000
Solid propellant Solid propellant Crafted 27,000
Uranium Uranium Raw 22
Iron Iron Raw 3
Copper Copper Raw 2
Coal Coal Raw 1
Liana Liana Organic 1,700
Liana Seed Liana Seed Organic 1,000
Grape Grape Organic 1,500
Grape Seed Grape Seed Organic 1,200
Tree Seed Tree Seed Organic 10
Tree Tree Organic 193
Glass Glass Crafted 450
Gunpowder Gunpowder Chemical 2,500
Uranium Rod Uranium Rod Chemical 17,000
Diethyl Ether Diethyl Ether Chemical 17,000
Amber Amber Raw 4
Titanium Titanium Chemical 260
Refined oil Refined oil Chemical 16,500
Ethanol Ethanol Chemical 4,200
Sodium Sodium Chemical 100
Silicon Silicon Chemical 100
Sulfur Sulfur Chemical 100
Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid Chemical 3,500
Rubber Rubber Chemical 4,000
Clean Water Clean Water Chemical 1,200
Liquid nitrogen Liquid nitrogen Chemical 12,500
Nitrogen Nitrogen Chemical 300
Oxygen Oxygen Chemical 900
Hydrogen Hydrogen Chemical 400
Water Water Raw 5
Plastic plate Plastic plate Chemical 40,000
Aluminium Aluminium Raw 5
Gold Gold Raw 10
Oil Oil Raw 21
Red beryl Red beryl Raw 0
Helium 3 Helium 3 Raw 400
Winterfest toy Winterfest toy Crafted 0
Winterfest globe Winterfest globe Crafted 0
Magic box Magic box Crafted 0
Candy batch Candy batch Crafted 350
Sock of candies Sock of candies Crafted 3,000
Winter sock Winter sock Crafted 600
Purple Gift Purple Gift Crafted 0
Yellow Gift Yellow Gift Crafted 0
Crimson Gift Crimson Gift Crafted 0
Green Candy Green Candy Raw 0
Yellow Candy Yellow Candy Raw 0
Silver Silver Raw 7
Red Candy Red Candy Raw 0
Copper Knife Copper Knife Crafted 300
Defective pumpkin Defective pumpkin Crafted 100
Carved Pumpkin Carved Pumpkin Crafted 1,100
Pumpkin Pumpkin Raw 50
Obsidian Obsidian Raw 20
Amethyst Amethyst Raw 18
Titanium Ore Titanium Ore Raw 19
Alexandrite Alexandrite Raw 19
Ruby Ruby Raw 15
Sapphire Sapphire Raw 16
Diamond Diamond Raw 18
Topaz Topaz Raw 14
Platinum Platinum Raw 13
Emerald Emerald Raw 12
Mega Pumpkin Mega Pumpkin Quest 0
Stage I Winglet Stage I Winglet Quest 0
S.A.S Module S.A.S Module Quest 0
Electronic Components Electronic Components Quest 0
Rocket Engine Rocket Engine Quest 0
Nozzle II Nozzle II Quest 0
Nozzle IL Nozzle IL Quest 0
Nozzle IR Nozzle IR Quest 0
Nozzle IC Nozzle IC Quest 0
Decoupler III Decoupler III Quest 0
Decoupler II Decoupler II Quest 0
Decoupler I Decoupler I Quest 0
Main Capsule Main Capsule Quest 0
Stage II Winglet Stage II Winglet Quest 0
Stage III Stage III Quest 0
Rocket LES Rocket LES Quest 0
Node Node Quest 0
Engine IL Engine IL Quest 0
Engine IR Engine IR Quest 0
Engine IC Engine IC Quest 0
Stage I Stage I Quest 0
Dry Ice Dry Ice Crafted 25,000
Magnet Magnet Crafted 300,000
Electrical Engine Electrical Engine Crafted 745,000
Magnetite Bar Magnetite Bar Crafted 137,000
Magnetite Ore Magnetite Ore Chemical 12,500
Enhanced Helium 3 Enhanced Helium 3 Chemical 190,000
Stage II Stage II Quest 0
Toxic Bomb Toxic Bomb Chemical 77,500
Hydrochloric acid Hydrochloric acid Chemical 12,000
Rocket Type A Rocket Type A Crafted 100
Rocket Type A Rocket Type A Crafted 100
Chipset Chipset Crafted 40,000
Shards of Eternity Shards of Eternity Raw 0
Stone of Eternity Stone of Eternity Quest 0
Shards of Radiation Shards of Radiation Raw 0
Stone of Radiation Stone of Radiation Quest 0
Shards of Entropy Shards of Entropy Raw 0
Stone of Entropy Stone of Entropy Quest 0
Shards of Empathy Shards of Empathy Raw 0
Stone of Empathy Stone of Empathy Quest 0
Shards of Shine Shards of Shine Raw 0
Stone of Shine Stone of Shine Quest 0
Shards of Mistakes Shards of Mistakes Raw 0
Stone of Mistakes Stone of Mistakes Quest 0
Shards of Kindness Shards of Kindness Raw 0
Stone of Kindness Stone of Kindness Quest 0
Shards of Strength Shards of Strength Raw 0
Stone of Strength Stone of Strength Quest 0
Shards of Wisdom Shards of Wisdom Raw 0
Stone of Wisdom Stone of Wisdom Quest 0
Research Beam Research Beam Quest 0
Lutetium Bar Lutetium Bar Crafted 68,000
Zip drive Zip drive Crafted 2,200
Lutetium Lutetium Chemical 13,500
Cosmic ice Cosmic ice Raw 100
Sodium chloride Sodium chloride Raw 100
Lutetium Ore Lutetium Ore Raw 500
Rocket Type B Rocket Type B Crafted 100
Honor badge Honor badge Crafted 0
Fire Sparkles Fire Sparkles Raw 0
Pumpkin Torch Pumpkin Torch Crafted 0
Amulet Amulet Crafted 0
Sapphire crystal glass Sapphire crystal glass Crafted 5,000
LCD Monitor LCD Monitor Crafted 90,000
Primordial Soup Primordial Soup Crafted 40,000
Nitrogen Tank Nitrogen Tank Crafted 110,000
Corona Discharge Tube Corona Discharge Tube Crafted 49,000
Oxygen cylinder Oxygen cylinder Crafted 173,000
Gas cylinder Gas cylinder Crafted 30,000
Mirror Laser Mirror Laser Crafted 5,400
Mirror Mirror Crafted 450
Aluminium tank Aluminium tank Crafted 450
Cloning device Cloning device Quest 0
Oceanic Oceanic Quest 0
DNA Flora capsule DNA Flora capsule Raw 100
Excimer Laser Excimer Laser Quest 0
Gas storage Gas storage Quest 0
Oxygen concentrator Oxygen concentrator Quest 0
Steel pipe Steel pipe Crafted 4,300
Chlorine Chlorine Chemical 600
Zeolit Zeolit Chemical 5,000
Pine Tree Pine Tree Organic 35,000
pine seed pine seed Organic 11,000
Flora defender Flora defender Chemical 5,000
Seawater Seawater Chemical 4,900
Pesticide nebulizer Pesticide nebulizer Quest 0
Rocket Type C Rocket Type C Crafted 100
Antimatter Antimatter Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Portal piece III Portal piece III Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Portal piece II Portal piece II Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Portal blueprint Portal blueprint Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Sandship beacon Sandship beacon Quest 0
Resonators controller Resonators controller Quest 0
Portal piece I Portal piece I Quest 0
Antimatter II Antimatter II Quest 0
Antimatter III Antimatter III Quest 0
Receiver Skeleton Receiver Skeleton Quest 0
The Portal part I The Portal part I Quest 0
The Portal part II The Portal part II Quest 0
The Portal part III The Portal part III Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Minkowski's computer Minkowski's computer Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Energy transducer Energy transducer Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
The heart The heart Quest 0
Nano ram Nano ram Quest 0
Radar Radar Quest 0
Skeleton Skeleton Quest 0
Artifact Artifact Quest 0
Cooler X Cooler X Quest 0
Cooler VIII Cooler VIII Quest 0
The brain The brain Quest 0
Conductor I Conductor I Quest 0
Conductor II Conductor II Quest 0
Conductor III Conductor III Quest 0
Feeder Feeder Quest 0
Federation Chipset Federation Chipset Quest 0
Radiometer Radiometer Quest 0
Ultra Energy Absorber I Ultra Energy Absorber I Quest 0
Ultra Energy Absorber II Ultra Energy Absorber II Quest 0
Ultra Energy Absorber III Ultra Energy Absorber III Quest 0
Ultra Energy Absorber IV Ultra Energy Absorber IV Quest 0
Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Quest 0
Superconductor Superconductor Quest 0
Resonator I Resonator I Quest 0
Resonator II Resonator II Quest 0
Resonator III Resonator III Quest 0
Resonator IV Resonator IV Quest 0
Resonator V Resonator V Quest 0
Resonator VI Resonator VI Quest 0
Resonator VII Resonator VII Quest 0
Resonator VIII Resonator VIII Quest 0
Resonator IX Resonator IX Quest 0
Resonator X Resonator X Quest 0
Cooler I Cooler I Quest 0
Cooler II Cooler II Quest 0
Cooler III Cooler III Quest 0
Cooler IV Cooler IV Quest 0
Cooler V Cooler V Quest 0
Cooler VI Cooler VI Quest 0
Cooler VII Cooler VII Quest 0
Cooler XI Cooler XI Quest 0
The portal The portal Quest 0