Bot Actions

Title Description Duration Items To Unlock
Builder Builder Can build or upgrade buildings when summoned. Instant
Collect Mining Resources Collect Mining Resources Collects resources from mining station, works slowly while in background 9 Hours
Boost Smelting Boost Smelting Boosts production of all smelting floors 4 Hours 30 Minutes Arcanite Arcanite x 2
Boost Crafting Boost Crafting Boosts production of all crafting floors 4 Hours 30 Minutes Saronite Saronite x 7
Boost Gardening Boost Gardening Boosts production of all greenhouses 4 Hours 30 Minutes Thorium Thorium x 20
Claim water Claim water Collects resources from water collector 4 Hours 30 Minutes Red beryl Red beryl x 5
Claim oil Claim oil Collects resources from oil station 4 Hours 30 Minutes Anaptanium Anaptanium x 5
Mine Resources Mine Resources Mines a specific resource directly to warehouse 4 Hours Arcanite Arcanite x 20
Boost Jewelcrafting Boost Jewelcrafting Boosts production of all jewel crafting floors 3 Hours Trillium Trillium x 5
Boost Chemistry Floor production Boost Chemistry Floor production Boosts production on all Chemistry Floors 3 Hours Saronite Saronite x 5