Type Name Description Progress Required Item / Building
have resources Oxygen concentrator Craft oxygen concentrator in order to make the building. 1 Oxygen concentrator Oxygen concentrator
have buildings Oxygenium Build the Oxygenium building in new base OXYGENIUM OXYGENIUM
have resources Oxygen cylinder Oxygenium needs oxygen cylinders to function 2 Oxygen cylinder Oxygen cylinder
dummy type Creating Oxygen Start producing oxygen in Oxygenium.
have resources Gas storage Craft Gas storage to build Nitrogenium building. 1 Gas storage Gas storage
have buildings Nitrogenium Build Nitrogenium Building NITROGENIUM NITROGENIUM
have resources Nitrogen Tank Nitrogen needs Nitrogen Tank to function. 3 Nitrogen Tank Nitrogen Tank
dummy type Creating Nitrogen Start producing nitrogen in Nitrogenium.
Type Name Description Progress Required Item / Building
atmosphere toggle Atmosphere balance Oxygen and Nitrogen have to be at an exact ratio of 2:8 for the perfect atmosphere. 1
Type Name Description Progress Required Item / Building
have resources Excimer Laser Craft Excimer Laser to build Ozonizer module. 1 Excimer Laser Excimer Laser
have buildings Ozonizer module Build Ozonizer module OZONIZER MODULE OZONIZER MODULE
have resources Corona Discharge Tube Ozonizer module needs Corona Discharge Tube to function 3 Corona Discharge Tube Corona Discharge Tube
dummy type Recovery of ozone Start producing ozone in Ozonizer Module
have terraforming resources Ozone Layer Recover ozone layer to its full glory. 50,000
Type Name Description Progress Required Item / Building
have resources Oceanic Craft Oceanic to build Ocean Maker 1 Oceanic Oceanic
have buildings Ocean Maker We need to fill the entire Earth with water. Build the Ocean Maker. OCEAN MAKER OCEAN MAKER
have resources Seawater We need to produce seawater to be used by the Ocean Maker 20 Seawater Seawater
dummy type Start making oceans! Turn on the ocean maker to fill the Earth ocean floor.
have terraforming resources Filling the Earth oceans Fill the ocean floor to its full glory till earth is blue again! 500,000
have resources Pesticide nebulizer Craft Pesticide nebulizer to build Flora Module building 1 Pesticide nebulizer Pesticide nebulizer
have buildings Flora Module building Build the Flora Module building FLORA MODULE FLORA MODULE
water asteroid travel Flora Seeds Upgrade your observatory to access Group C and visit any C-group asteroid to find the lost secret of life! 1
have resources DNA Flora Capsules Minkowski has hidden DNA capsules on C type asteroids, get them! 20 DNA Flora capsule DNA Flora capsule
have resources DNA Processing Use DNA Capsules in chemistry building to create pine seeds! 20 pine seed pine seed
have resources Grow Pine Trees Use seeds in greenhouse to grow a lot of pine trees 4 Pine Tree Pine Tree
dummy type Turn on Flora Module. Use pine trees in Flora Module to populate the Earth.
have terraforming resources Forests Fulfill the forest scale to its full potential till the earth is green again! 1,100,000
Type Name Description Progress Required Item / Building
dummy type See the beacon message! New message from Minkowski!
asteroid travel code Asteroid CA10 Travel to asteroid CA10 as per Minkowski's instructions
dummy type Mystery of CA10 What hides in the depths of CA10? Get to the bottom of it.
asteroid travel code Asteroid CC20 Travel to asteroid CC20.
dummy type Mystery of CC20 What hides in the depths of CC20? Get to the bottom of it.
asteroid travel code Asteroid CZ0* Travel to asteroid CZ0*
dummy type Mystery of CZ00 Get to the bottom of Asteroid CZ00.
have resources Cloning Device Craft cloning device for our future Fauna Module. 1 Cloning device Cloning device
have buildings Build Fauna Module! We need to build a Fauna Module to recover fauna! FAUNA MODULE FAUNA MODULE
have resources Primordial soup Production Fauna Module uses Primordial soup for organic compounds, produce some 2 Primordial Soup Primordial Soup
dummy type Turn on the Fauna Module. Turn on the Fauna Module to start filling Earth with lost species
have terraforming resources Animal Kingdom Fill the fauna scale to 100% to complete the terraforming of Earth 2,100,000