Title Description Spell Points Cooldown Items Required Other Info
Laser Zap Laser Zap Zaps with a laser to crack the rocks 0 1 Second
Disposable Bots Disposable Bots Deploys a cheap mining bot for 10s 0 5 Seconds

Maximum of 2 at once

Spell lasts for 10 Seconds

Dagger Spell Dagger Spell Drops copper carving knives dealing massive damage to the creatures in the beyond. 0 4 Seconds Copper Knife Copper Knife x 5
Fire Blast Fire Blast Shoots a laser burst to crack the rocks 1 20 Seconds
Ice Freeze Ice Freeze Freezes everything and makes it more brittle 1 40 Seconds

Spell lasts for 10 Seconds

Pumper Bot Pumper Bot Pumper bots expire in 3m, but are very slow 1 1 Minute40 Seconds

Spell lasts for 2 Minutes

Nano Cloud Nano Cloud Damages any being aerially with a high tech nano cloud 2 4 Seconds
Miracle Gas Miracle Gas Has various effects when combusted 2 8 Seconds
Electric Zap Electric Zap Zaps with an electric charge to crack the rocks 3 1 Second Amber charger Amber charger x 1
Repair Bot Repair Bot Repair bots expire in 3m, but are very slow 3 20 Seconds

Spell lasts for 20 Seconds

Electric Discharge Electric Discharge Strong fall of electric charges 3 6 Seconds

Spell lasts for 4 Seconds

Green Laser Green Laser This is a Green Laser that requires emerald to operate 3 1 Second Green Laser Green Laser x 1
Bomb Bomb Drops a bomb dealing massive damage to the block and anything on top of it. 15 3 Seconds Bomb Bomb x 1
Red Laser Red Laser A laser that runs on electricity 20 3 Seconds

Requires 30 electricity

Toxic Bomb Toxic Bomb Inflicts damage with a strong concentrated acid. 15 4 Seconds Toxic Bomb Toxic Bomb x 1