Obsidian knife

Sell Price

Obsidian knife is created from this recipe

Building Name Unlocked at Depth Cost To Unlock Time Required Amount Created Items Required
Jewel Crafting Jewel Crafting 0 34,000 2 Minutes 1 Polished obsidian Polished obsidian x 50
Tree Tree x 2
Silver Bar Silver Bar x 1

Obsidian knife is used to reach these player levels

Level Cost Damage Items Needed
449 0 905256 s Obsidian knife Obsidian knife x 8
Insulated Wire Insulated Wire x 1,200

Obsidian knife is related to these quests

Type Name Description Progress Required
sell resources portal They need it for some reason. Sell 10 obsidian knives to Northern tribes. 10
sell resources portal Arming the northerners. Sell 50 obsidian knives to Northern tribes. 50
sell resources portal Weapons dealing. Sell 100 obsidian knives to Northern tribes. 100